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Overview of the Kamakura City Brass

Do you know "Kamakura City" ?
Our Kamakura city is one of old city in Japan. It is next from Yokohama, and it takes about 40 minutes from Tokyo by train.
Kamakura city has many temples and famous historical places to visit. A lot of guests from overseas enjoy every weekend.

The "Kamakura City Brass" is the Wind Band for citizen, established in 1979. About 60 people (under 20 years old very young - over 60 years old with grandson!) belong to our band. On every Sunday morning, we gather to sound proofing room in an elementary school and enjoy to play the wind instruments.
Our biggest event is an annual regular concert in "Kamakura Geijutu-kan" located in near by Ofuna station.

We play various types of music, traditional, popular, classics arrange, and originals for wind band, and so on. If you try to visit our concert, we can offer you very comfortable time. In 1999, we had a commemorative concert of 20th year. We're creating new history after the 21st century has started!

at the promnade concert, 2012 June.

In Japan, there are a lot of wind bands and each band make own type of music. Kamakura City Brass would like to create good music for us (players) and people who love wind band!

If you want to visit our concert, or join to play with us, please contact the WWW master!

update 12/07/20

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If you are interested in our Wind Band, please contact us via E-Mail to webmaster.

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